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Projekt Auto


Just 2 euros per person who reads this!

Projekt Auto is about taking our impact to the next level. As volunteers at Centro Guanin we see the oppurtunity to effect change and learn about ourselves in the process. Watch the Video below to get more insight into our mission. As we're asking for 2 EUR from each person who reads this to help us complete our project.

As volunteers the Gap year students spend alot of time in local schools teaching English

"Sometimes the most challenging tasks are the most rewarding"

How YOu can Help

We are looking for 2 EUR from everyone who visit's this page to gain the transportation needed to spread our impact to the larger community and change lives. 

Dear Friends and Family,

I reach out to you as a Gap Program student representing the Fundacion "Centro Cultural Guanin, Inc." registered in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The community center is located in La Piedra, a small rural community in the Dominican Republic with approximately 5000 inhabitants. Our mission is to give young people the opportunity to discover, develop and achieve their full potential.
The foundation consists of a volunteer shelter, a clinic and a school for children, which is closed this year due to the lack of money. The people here live in great poverty: most of the houses are tin huts and the streets would at best be described as hiking trails in Germany. The literacy rate is extremely low and nobody can speak English. Therefore, I work in a public school and teach English to the children.
I also make home visits and take care of pregnant women, the sick and those in need. To do all this I have to travel long distances and also to buy food I have to drive to Santo Domingo, which is about 45 minutes away. For these Tasks I have a car at our disposal, but it is already over 20 years old, the engine is constantly causing problems and often times I stay at the roadside because of a new error.
That being the case, our current priority is to finance a new car for the Fundacion so that I can continue to carry out these everyday tasks in the future and, for example, get to the public school as well as to the various houses without any problems in order to compensate for the lack of teachers there and to guarantee the villagers the help they need. 


Therefore I would like to ask you to support our project.

Many thanks in advance
Yours sincerely 
Maximilian Hein

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