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Centro Comunal la Piedra, DR

Centro Comunal la Piedra.
Where Our Adventures Begin

Our Story, Community of la Piedra

The community of La Piedra is located in the Municipality of San Antonio de Guerra, Santo Domingo Province, Dominican Republic, an hour and a half to the east of the National District and half an hour north of the Las Américas Airport. 

Fundación Centro Cultural Guanín, Inc. (Guanín) is an existing 501c(3) organization in the Dominican Republic, working on education, community healthcare, environment and community development, gender equality, community sports for every one and economic opportunity in one of the most disadvantaged rural areas of the capital city of Santo Domingo. 

UNAP medical Center

 Primary Care Unit, was built in 2011 and remodeling in 2019,  provide free community health care to a community of 1,700 families, la Piedra, Dominican Republic.

Clinic Service.

  1. Maintain Medical Clinic Building, UNAP La Piedra 

  2. Ambulatory medicine

  3.  Pediatric consultation

  4. General medicine

  5.  Dermatology

  6.  Parenting Project

  7.  Health Education and home visit

  8. Medical Clinic mission

  9. Nutrition education program

  10. Pregnant women

  11. Newborn baby program and nutrition   

Health partners:

  • UConn University medical school

  • Allen Nursing School

  •  Howard University Medical School

  •  Michigan State University medical school

  • Wisconsin Nursing School

  •  UNIBE DR. dental school

  •  Dominican Minister of health (SNS).

Number of existing:

  • medical buildings: 1

  • ambulance vehicles: 0 

  • physicians: 1

  • nuses: 4

  • public health: 10 

  • two story building

Socio Economic Opportunity

Socio-Economic Opportunity

Partnership with:

  1. Wisconsine Finance NGO, USA, 

  2. Dr. Denise Pralle  Dr. Denise Pralle Ph,D in medicine.


We envision a world where the rural poor hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.

Note: We have ideas to create jobs, so our women and young people don’t have to immigrate to big cities like Santo Domingo or to tourist destinations to look for work. 

 Economic Opportunity:

  • Entrepreneurs, small loans 80% to the women to do small business

  • Schoolarship and Study Abroad

  • E-coturism project to create jobs

  • CoopGuanin to provide loans and finance educational.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Youth Association Guanin Center_edited.j

Youth Leadership Association (Asociación Jóvenes de la Piedra), is a youth movement formed by the youth of the communities and lead by women of La Piedra and its surroundings, in the municipalities of San Antonio de Guerra and la Caleta, Boca Chica, Province Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

We work in 3 main areas:

  1. Inclusion

  2. Equity

  3.  Access

Community of la Piedra:

One of the problems that most affects at the community of La Piedra, Valiente, Boca Chica and surroundings, 40%  of the population are of Haitian descent and the vast majority do not have a birth certificate. 

Such as: Child prostitution, child delinquency, sexually transmitted diseases and others. 

. There are also young adolescents between 12 and 17 years of age who become pregnant, which generates psychological problems.

Community Educational Program

Community Educational Program

In the last Twenty years that we have worked with these isolated communities of resource-poor people, we have come to realize the necessity of seeking an international school where both Haitian and Dominican can assist without any different of nationality and colors.

  • Number of existing teachers: 15

  • Number of International scholarships provided each year: 8

  • Technical training local partners: 2

  • Number of existing educational facilities: 2

  • Women entreprenuers: 200

  •  Number of children who receive meals every day: 365 

Educational program:

  1.  Scholarships

  2. Technical training

  3. Pre-school and Daycare

  4. Internship

  5. Gap Program

  6. Leadership training

  7. Medical Mission training

  8. Dental Program training

  9. Community Outreach service learning

  10. Finance Educational training

  11. And more.

Educational Program

UNIBE Business School

Collaboration agreement between the Ibero-American University (UNIBE) and the Guanin Cultural Center, Inc, which constitutes a declaration of intentions, whose purpose is to promote authentic relations of mutual benefit in terms of academic collaboration and integral human development articulated to the common good.

Community Development

Environment and Community Development

Ecotourism Development, Geotourism, Adventure Tourism, Indigenous Caves, Caverns, and Community Tourism.

Community of la Piedra:

Repairing and building 102 houses

  • 6 Purify water tank mini aqueducts

  • 1 Maintaining family recreational park

  • 35 Building latrines

  •  Community Ecotourism

  • 5 Protection of caves and underground water 

Number of people/businesses that support repairing and building homes: 102

Number of people/businesses that install water tanks and mini aqueducts: 6

Family recreational parks: 1

Number of people/businesses that build latrines: 35

Types of ecotourism (activities):

1) Adventure no Limit Nature Hiking, Taino Caves, River and Mountain
2) Adventure no Limit 1.- ATV Four-wheeler, Taino Caves, River and Beach
3) Adventure no Limit 2.- Mountain bike, Taino Caves, River, Mountain and Beach
4) Adveture no Limit 3.- Kayak, River, Beach and  
Number of Tainos caves: 5

Sports for every one progam

Infrastructure and Community Sports for every one program

Life changing with those facilities.
Community of la Piedra, San Antonio de Guerra, is one tconclusion is that the residents where arround those around it live in extreme poverty. 

60% of the families receive an income of less than US$2.00 per day, equivalent to RD$106.38 Dominican pesos. This low income is due to the few employment opportunities in the area. For the remaining percentage, one out of every three people receives an income of less than US$1/day, equivalent to RD$53.19 Dominican pesos. 15% live from raising animals (mainly chickens). Agricultural work, such as planting yuca and other vegetables, is very scarce, equivalent to 225 people of the 1,500 adults over 35 years, and 11 of the 1,500 adults, are women who represent 5%, and there are 30% who are engaged in casual/occasional work (chiripeo), and motorcycle taxies, equivalent to 1,500 people.

  • Buil sports infrastructure for baseball, basketball, voleyball and football.

  • Build a community family park

  • Build access road, community roads

  • Build Community healthcare clinic

  • Building safe drinking water infrastructure

Sports facility
Sports facility
Guanin Center la Piedra


Committed to big change

Improving lives one by one

La Piedra, Dominican Republic

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