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Board Advisors


Dr. Racheal

Board Director 

Dr. Racheal,  

Image by C VanHeest

Ayla Perosky

Board Director


Dr. Been Carasco


Medical Director of the Guanin Inc.

Dr. Been, Addiction Psychiatrist, medical Director and DR. Guanin board member, has worked for the welfare of the Guanin community since its founding. 


Shalen Steinbugl

Public Relations & Media Specialist

A 2016 graduate of Juniata College, Shalen visited La Piedra on Juniata's Cultural Learning Tour in 2014. She then founded Amigos de Guanin at Juniata and has visited five more times. Although she's thousands of miles away, she says Guanín feels like home.

Guanin- Cled

Cled Oakley

Business Advisor

Cled first met Severino in 2007 when coordinating a foreign exchange program in the Dominican Republic. As a businessman, his mission is to create viral awareness of Guanin and the work we do.

lynne guitar

Dr. Lynne Guitar

Student Services Promoter

A bilingual historian and cultural anthropologist, lived and worked in the Dominican Republic from 1997-2016, teaching, researching, and running study abroad-programs for U.S. Americans. She was co-founder of the Guanín Foundation, along with Elías Severino Hernández, and helped to set up cultural, educational, and volunteer programs in La Piedra. Now retired and living in the U.S. again, she services the Eastern third of the U.S. as a Promoter for all of Guanín’s volunteer programs through Student Services.


DR. Abdul Karim Bangura

USA. Board Advisor

In 2004, I participated in a conference in the Dominican Republic, at the Santo Domingo hotel, where I was one of the speakers. It was there that I met my brother Severino and Dr. Lynne Guitar, who offered us his service as a tour guide and transportation to the colonial city.  From then on I have served Guanín and Severino as advisor and intermediary of the Universities that I teach. I have visited the community of La Piedra several times, and in 2009, I organized one of the largest events of the foundation, inviting several investors and partners to support the Guanin projects.

Esteban de la Rosa_edited.jpg

Esteban de la Rosa

DR. Press Director

I have been in this position since 2013, to date. I met the Guanin Director through a journalist colleague named Breton, he introduced me to Mr. Severino.

I am a journalist by profession and I have my own independent project.

Yesica de los Santos

Gertrudis de los Santos

DR. Board Advisor

I am an educator by profession, I am an honorary board member of the DR., Foundation Centro Cultural Guanin, I am the President of the honorary board and also preside the disciplinary council of the youth association, and I am a history and geography teacher.




Diosely Fernandez

DR. Board Advisor

I am Clinical Psychologist with a specialty in Human Resources, I am the secretary of the honorary Guanin board officer. As a Psychologist I work with families, adolescents and young people. 


Mery Ramos

Professor Mery Ramos

DR. Board Advisor

I am an educator by profession, graduated from the National Evangelical University (UNEV)

I am an honorary board member of the DR., Foundation Centro Cultural Guanin and I am the Director of Academic Institutional Affairs at Guanin, I love teaching, and I love helping others. 




Alcibiades Hernandez

DR. Board Advisor

I’m the Director of international affairs at Guanin, honorary board officer, I have a degree in modern languages and I work as an English teacher, I really like to serve others and bring some kind of hope to all those people who need it.

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