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Proyecto Ecoturístico y Turismo de aventura

 Turismo de aventura


Ecotourism Development, Adventure Tourism, Indigenous Caves and Caverns, and Community Tourism.


This multi-level project of sustainable, lasting development is organized to achieve the objectives of ever-growing community development within rural La Piedra and its surrounding communities, while simultaneously sustaining the capacity of the region’s natural systems to provide the resources and ecosystem services on which the economy and society depend. The desired outcome is a situation wherein living conditions and resources are used to continue to meet human needs without undermining the delicate integrity and stability of the natural karst system that underlies the region.


We have a specific mission within the vision of Dr. Lynne Guitar, a North American Cultural Anthropologist and Historian, to raise the levels of economic activity and the well-being of the local population, while preserving their cultural identity as well as their fascinating karst ecosystems.


Local residents are a mixture of ultra-poor, rural Dominicans and Haitians within what once was a vital source of Native Taíno drinking water. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen municipal capacities to promote sustainable and competitive ecotourism that will sustain a healthy income for local residents and improve the overall well-being of the community.

All excursions begin at La Piedra Community Center—the Guanín Foundation—and they all include round-trip transportation, plus snacks, meals, and overnight stays, if required.


Here are your options:

  • A) Walking

  • B) Off-Road Biking

  • C) By Horses 

  • C) Driving Four-Wheelers

  • D) Kayaking.

More about Ecotourism, download pdf >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

1) Ecotourism Phase I.
2) Ecotourism body of the project


Proyecto Cueva Ni Rahu, Dra. Lynner Guitar, download pdf

1) Cueva Ni Rahu, body of the project

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