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Red Internacional

 International volunteers network

Guanin measures both the success of our programs in terms of our services and resources circulated, but also assesses improvements in quality of life of our community members.


Community of la Piedra, Dominican Republic

The residents of La Piedra, San Antonio de Guerra live in extreme poverty. Around 60% earn less than US$8 per day for lack of employment (not because they do not want to work), and one in three earns less than US$5 per day—if they are lucky enough to earn anything!—which is why we focus on this population group. They survive by raising animals, principally chickens, growing some food for local consumption, such as yucca and other vegetables, and by doing occasional odd jobs (chiripeo). A few of the residents buy potable water, but it is only available in 5-gallon bottles that cost US$1 each. Only 10% of the residents have access to electricity, and there are no telephone lines, Internet, or other types of technology available.

102 houses have been donated

6 mini aqueducts have been built

Community Healthcare
Free Healthcare services, 1,700 families

Education Pre-school
365 kids from 45 days to 5 years old

Socio-Economic Impact
Improving lives one by one

200 Jobs providing, Ecoturism

164 women out of poverty, Wisconsin 

Make, dreams come true at 1% per month. 

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