Recently Completed - 2019

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Initial Estimate- $175,000 (combined with basketball court)


Replace existing equipment and reform landscape to increase safety and accessibility + Land + Basketball Court

Playground. Basketball field


Initial Estimate - $175,000 (Construction on court begins at $60,000)

All Weather Outdoor Varsity Court (by FLEX COURT Athletics) 46 x 78 ft + Land + Playground

Coming soon


The roads surrounding La Piedra make traveling difficult. This is an ongoing project to provide safety to our residents and to increase accessibility to Guanín.

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​2020 - 2025

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This year Centro Guanin Finished construction of the first Medical Clinic in the area. This will serve the over 500 families would otherwise have to trek up to 3 hrs by foot or even more dangerously by Motorcycle to receive any medical assitance. We now iwll be able to treat most non emergency issues like any other medical cliniHuge thankyou to all that made this possible. We will also have support from the Dominican Military providing the funding for wages for the on site medical worker's. Huge win for the community!


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Antonio Stinson Sr.

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