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Guanin Dental Clinic

Guanín Dental Clinic Project


1) Dental Clinic Module, $15,000

This project will benefit 365 children from our school and 264 families through the Good Parenting Project, plus 1,300 patients from our UNAP medical clinic in La Piedra.

With this money we will be equipping our dentistry module, which is in the medical clinic, UNAP La Piedra.

Currently there is a health center for the entire community of La Piedra, which is operating in the Community Center of the Guanín Foundation. This health center functions as a Primary Care Unit, providing the services of ambulatory medicine, pediatric consultation, general medicine, nutrition, dental, and dermatology. This health center was opened in 2011. The health services offered by our Primary Care Unit are offered to all the inhabitants of the community of La Piedra, as well as some segments of the population of the communities of Campo Lindo, El Farallón, and Bani Concordia, among others. The next closest health centers are more than 45 minutes away by car on a road in poor condition.

2) Dental Mobile Unit, $85,000
This project will be benefit 5,000 individuals from our community plus the students form 5 public school from our Municipality. The Guanín Foundation has partnered with 2 local dental schools in the Dominican Republic, that will provide dental students and input to treat patients. 

Our objective is focused on groups at social risk and living below the poverty line (public school students, ethnic minorities, drug addicts, the homeless, immigrants, prostitutes, etc.). We are  developing dental programs with a clinical intervention but also a socio-educational intervention that results in an improvement in the quality of life of the population.

The Dental Mobile Unit, project will save many lives, in fact it allows us to go to inaccessible places to service people that cannot travel to our clinic, UNAP La Piedra, for various reasons. The Dental Mobile Unit will be key to the development of the children's dentistry project and will be used in various educational projects, such as those carried out in the municipalities of San Antonio de Guerra and La Caleta, Boca Chica, Province of Santo Domingo. The mobile clinics have proven to be useful in providing primary care to people living in very remote areas or far from the centers of attention or also to provide services directly in public schools.

This program has a high gender component, working with a significant percentage of women with addictions who practice street prostitution and of minority ethnicity, circumstances that maximize their situation of marginalization and social exclusion.

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