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Basketball Court & Playground Project


Individuals can contribute now and keep track of our progress

Construction Plans

The Basketball Court and Playground Project has a total budget of $175,000. First phase of our plans will be securing the purchase 20 acres of land near and around the current Guanin center and renovating and expanding on the current basketball court. 


After the purchase of land demolition of the current court will take place. Setting forms and grade for a 46x78 ruff broom finish concrete slab will follow. 


Installation of panels on top of the finished poured slab using an all weather outdoor junior varsity multi game basketball court By Flex Court will be the next step. This will complete the first phase of construction which will be initiated once we reach $64,000 funds raised. 


Our end goal is to completely renovate the current playground at the Guanín Center and to make this playground the first in a series of activity centers constructed in the community of La Piedra, impacting over 5000 lives.


The first playground will be located just outside of the current Guanín Center, which already services upward of 300 children and adults a day. We're hoping to keep improving these numbers so that we can provide increased participation for all of La Piedra's residents in education, sports, and community development..



Here are some photos of the current playground area, which is the only one within 45 minutes for the entire community.

kids playgrand
Utilices deportivos


Basketball court
Kids Playgrand

When thinking about those in poverty around the world, we often forget that they have the same interests and hobbies as everyone else. Basketball is played by at least 250 million people worldwide in an organized fashion, and countless others play “pick-up games” every day. Anyone who visits La Piedra , Dominican Republic (where the foundation operates) will quickly realize that basketball, being the second most popular sport in the country, brings the local children and adults together. They often risk their safety to play on rugged, gravel courts—and keep in mind that most play in cheap sandals because they have no way to pay for proper footwear.  Guanín already services more than 100 families, with a goal of connecting with 500 families this year alone. The total at-risk community is 5,000 people, for whom this will be the only accessible basketball court and playground. This was our main motivation in working to enhance Guanín with a playground and court that focuses on safety, durability, and ultimately on fun. 

The Future

Here are some photos of what we are planning to build with your help. The FlexCourt basketball court to the right will be able to uniquely handle the heat and drainage needs of the area. It will also be painted with Dominican national colors and will be the first pillar of our brand new playground area to be used for general recreation and pickle ball.

Guanín offers education and daycare to hundreds of extremely young kids, many of whom are 5 years old. We are planning to add some fun recreational facilities that will allow kids of all ages to stretch their body as well as their brain. These are examples of the type of equipment that will be added to the area, along with land and landscaping improvements. 

Kids playgrand
Kids playgrand
Kids Playgrand
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