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Centro Cultural Guanin, as a foundation dedicated to promoting the well-being of humanity throughout the community of La Piedra, is deeply concerned about how COVID-19 is a threat to so many in the community.

Since Friday, March 13, all medical personal; nurses and public health in our location UNAP La Piedra, Guanin Community Center in La Piedra, have been working to educate the community in order to prevent the contamination of COVID -19.


As we see the COVID-19 pandemic unfold, we are concerned about the potential repercussion on workers, families, and the community. We are especially concerned about our elderly and approximately 245 patients with hypertension, diabetes as well as several with cases of Tuberculosis and HIV.


We will continue to bring in medical assistance with home visits and donations of medication and will continue to carry out our work to every extent possible and stand ready to address any concerns within the community.


Dominican Republic is a country without many resources, especially our community of La Piedra, Municipality of San Antonio de Guerra and La Caleta. We will extend our work as the current circumstances require.

Please consider making a donation to assist us with our efforts in La Piedra. Thank you.

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